5 Whimsical Princess Party Ideas

Planning an enchanting princess party is so much fun! If you’re a fan of Disney or just want to feel like the Belle of the ball, you’ll love these ideas! Pin your favorites or visit our Princess Themed Party Ideas Pinterest Board.

5 Whimsical Princess Party Ideas // Cinderella | BalsaCircle.com

Create a gorgeous Cinderella party, complete with a coach centerpiece that won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight! Use blue and silver if you’re planning a Cinderella-themed wedding or blue and yellow (or pink!) if you’re planning a birthday party.

5 Whimsical Princess Party Ideas - Ariel | BalsaCircle.com
Photo by Wanderlust & Pie.

Last week we were very lucky to be a part of a gorgeous mermaid birthday party. We loved creating the DIY centerpiece, and decorating the star of the show – the dessert table. Tailor your decorations and dessert or cake tables to your princess – from the colors to the centerpieces, it will really pull the look together. For an Ariel party, we had mermaid themed treats, savory snacks like fish crackers, and cupcakes with mermaid fish tails.

5 Whimsical Princess Party Ideas // Belle | BalsaCircle.com
Design by Sweetly Chic Events and Design

It’s all in the details when you’re planning a princess party, like this Belle-themed celebration! From the favors to the dessert table, it’s the little touches (and tiaras!) that pull the look together. To complete the look, create a playlist with your favorite Disney songs and enjoy the party with your guests!

5 Whimsical Princess Party Ideas // Cake | BalsaCircle.com
Design by The Pink Owl Designs.

And of course, it’s all about the cake! This custom cake topper by Pink Owl Designs is perfect for any party! Choose your favorite Disney quote or couple to top the dessert table. Now you’re ready to party!

5 Whimsical Princess Party Ideas - Design by Catch My Party | BalsaCircle.com
Design by Catch My Party

Not sure which princess to choose? No problem! Try a pink/gold color scheme with plenty of ruffles. If you’re not a fan of pink, go for the sparkle with sequins to create an eye-catching display! Happy decorating!

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