How To: Planning Your Wedding Q&A

Design Tip: Planning Your Wedding Q&A with Balsa Circle

Last week, we asked on our Twitter and Facebook what you wanted to know most about planning an event and overwhelmingly the question we got was – “What should I consider as I start to plan my wedding?”  Having been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, we are so glad to share our knowledge and helpful tips! We wrote down the most fundamental questions you should answer before you start to plan your wedding. Share these with your partner and your wedding planner, so you’re always on the same page!

5 Questions to Answer Before Planning a Wedding!

      1. What makes your love story unique? Now is a great time to decide what are you about as a couple and how you would like to personalize your wedding. What would you like your guests to remember about your event?
      2. How many guests will you invite? This is so important because the answer to this question will affect your venue choice and the budget for your event.
      3. What are your priorities? Think about what stood out to you from other weddings, events, and parties you’ve been to – what was fun to you about them? Was it the food, the entertainment, or the decorations?
      4. What are your deal breakers? For example, if you’re set on a specific photographer or if you’d like to have a specific theme for your wedding, it’s important to let your partner and/or wedding planner know.
      5. What time of year will you be getting married? Once you’re set on the number of guests, think about the guest availability and the weather. If you’re getting married closer to a major holiday, will your guests be able to fly in? The time of year can also make it easy to decide what flowers to use.

Remember, your answers are personal to you but we hope the answers to these questions will help you out as you start to plan your wedding! If you have any other questions feel free to post them below or ask us on Twitter @BalsaCircle – we are here to help! Happy planning!

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