Autumn Backdrop Inspiration

If you’re planning a fall wedding or special event, you’ll love this easy DIY wedding backdrop decorating idea! We paired sheer fabric with beautiful fall ornaments and ribbons for a gorgeous look that your guests will love! You can use this backdrop as an arch for a fall wedding, at the reception as a photo booth, or as decoration at a fall gala. There are so many decorating possibilities and you can really customize this backdrop to match your event. Let us know what you think in the comments or share your own fall event ideas!

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DIY Fall Wedding Arch


Fall is around the corner and we’re here to help you celebrate your autumn wedding in style! For this fall wedding arch, we used sunflower garlands, burlap fabric, and of course our wedding arch. The best part is that you can really customize this look to your wedding or special event! After your event is over, you can also use as home decor for years to come! Make sure to stop by our Fall Weddings and Events Pinterest Board if you’d like even more fall wedding ideas!

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DIY Flower Umbrella Bridal Shower Parasol

Decorate a paper parasol with craft flowers for a fun photo booth prop or decoration! This DIY is perfect for bridal showers, princess birthday parties, or wedding decorations – the possibilities are endless! Simply match the colors of the craft flowers to your event. In the above DIY, we used white, pink, and fuchsia flowers but you can easily use any other color combination.

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How To: Balloon Stand Kit Tutorial

We’re back with one more tutorial that was highly requested – how to set up our Balloon Stand Kit! This kit comes with two square bases, connectors and long tubes so there’s not a lot of fuss with this set up. It’s light and plastic but we do recommend adding water or sand to the bases to make it stable. Once it’s set up, the max height is 9ft and you can place the bases 19ft apart, so you may need a friend to help you move or add finishing touches. Now you’ll just need to add balloons and you’re good to go! We’d love to do a balloon tutorial as well – with so many colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see us make!

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How To: Metal Arch Tutorial

We are so excited to provide our brides and customers with beautiful decorations for their weddings and special events! With new items arriving daily, we get requests for item tutorials and set up help so we did just that! Click the video above for a helpful tutorial where you can see how to set up our metal wedding arch. If you’d like us to make another how to video, just comment below, we’d love to hear from you! The best part? This arch is perfect to use with balloons, silk flowers, and event fabric – the decorating possibilities are endless!

Will you be using an arch for your ceremony? Let us know in the comments!

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DIY Rustic Flower Garland

Create a rustic flower garland for your home or special event! For this look, we were inspired by trendy boho and rustic event looks – you can even use this DIY for your own wedding. We used silk flowers, craft flowers, and the best part is that you can use the filler flowers and baby’s breath flowers which are already on the bushes to create the look. Add craft flowers or small silk flower buds if you garland is long or if you’d like more texture.

DIY Rustic Flower Garland |

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Chiavari Chair Decorating Ideas

Dress up your event or wedding Chiavari chairs with these 5 ideas! From an easy slipcover or lace knot (if you have 300+ guests, these are a real time saver) to a more intricate sash bow with buckle pin, we have you covered for any type of event! Grab your chair sashes and follow along or save these ideas for later!

Chiavari Chair Decorating Ideas |

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Ideas & Inspiration for a Travel-Themed Wedding

If you love traveling, adventures, and exploring the world then you’ll love these travel-themed wedding ideas! However you decide to show you passion for traveling, there are so many fun ideas and DIYs to try! We are sharing our favorites here, and for even more inspiration, visit our Travel-Themed Wedding Pinterest Board.

Ideas & Inspiration for a Travel-Themed Wedding | BettyLuPaperie
Invitations by BettyLuPaperie

If you’re celebrating your engagement, send out your bridal party invitations! These super cute custom invitations from BettyLu Paperie are on theme and you can print them at home. We also love this invitation set from Letter Box Ink for wedding and Save the Date announcements. So easy (but if you’re not sure, we found this helpful article from!

Ideas & Inspiration for a Travel-Themed Wedding | Photography by Chris Terese Studios
Photography by Chris Terese Studios.
Ideas & Inspiration for a Travel-Themed Wedding | Photography by Chris Terese Studios
Photography by Chris Terese Studios.

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How To: Planning Your Wedding Q&A

Design Tip: Planning Your Wedding Q&A with Balsa Circle

Last week, we asked on our Twitter and Facebook what you wanted to know most about planning an event and overwhelmingly the question we got was – “What should I consider as I start to plan my wedding?”  Having been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, we are so glad to share our knowledge and helpful tips! We wrote down the most fundamental questions you should answer before you start to plan your wedding. Share these with your partner and your wedding planner, so you’re always on the same page!

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Top 5 DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

Creating a beautiful backdrop for your wedding or photo booth at an event is no small task but there is a way to do DIY backdrops on a budget! Here are some of our favorite DIY photo backdrop ideas –

1. Use fabric or a tablecloth.
If you know how big of a backdrop you need, simply use a tablecloth or fabric to create the perfect look! Sequined fabric for a bigger backdrop or raised roses overlays for a smaller photo booth are two of our favorites! Need more fabric? We have you covered. Just remember to get your sewing machine ready – you’ll need to sew a pocket for the rod – here’s a great how-to.

2. Extra fabric ribbon backdrop.
We’ve all seen those gorgeous ribbon backdrops on Pinterest – easy to make and easy to install! The best part is you can use any fabric left over from other projects (that match your event colors) so nothing goes to waste!

3. All you need are lights.
Running out of time? Just hang LED lights for a beautiful backdrop! You can add a top layer of chiffon fabric for an elegant look. This is especially great for night time or outdoor gatherings (we’re looking at you rustic barn yard events) and it will no doubt result in gorgeous photos.

4. Silk flowers backdrop.
Speaking of gorgeous photos. Remember this? You can make your own! Yes, even on a budget! There are a ton of DIY silk flowers backdrop tutorials and examples, and you can even use pre-made garlands or swags to achieve a similar look. This one will take some time, but the end result is simply stunning!

5. Faux crystal curtains.
Faux crystals are budget friendly decorations, but they look like the real thing! You can also use faux crystal curtains which already have rods for easy hanging or create your own with faux crystal beads. You can even combine these with a sequin tablecloth behind them or add hanging lights.

We hope these ideas are helpful! We also pinned our favorite ideas to the Backdrops and Garlands board on Pinterest. No time to make a backdrop? Try our professional backdrops, available in a variety of fabrics. Will you be making a DIY backdrop for your event? Let us know!