DIY Thanksgiving and Fall Table Decorations

Gold spray painted pumpkins for fall tables! Add a burlap runner from Balsa Circle for a charming rustic look!

Decorate for fall with this easy and fun DIY!  For this project you’ll need pumpkins, spray paint, pumpkin seeds, gloves, and a well ventilated area. We used fake pumpkins from our swags but you can use real pumpkins too! Just make sure they are small enough for your place setting. The pumpkin seeds we used were hollow and inedible, or you can use acorns or small nuts – as long as you don’t feel like you’re waisting food. Spray the pumpkins/seeds in even layers and small spurts holding the spray can about a foot away, turning the pumpkin as you spray. The key to this project looking good is the small spurts of spray – you can even wait a few minutes and do a second layer if the pumpkin color is still showing through, but the small burst will make sure the pumpkins/seeds don’t fly away and the color lands evenly. Voila! Try this project with other colors too – the decorating possibilities are endless! We hope this look inspires your next holiday get together!

Fall DIY Project Tool List:
* Pumpkins
* Pumpkin Seeds, Acorns, or Small Nuts
* Spray Paint
* Gloves
* Dust Mask
* Area to spray – outdoors is best, make sure to spray on newspapers or tarp

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