Halloween DIY: Tulle Circle Ghosts

Halloween DIY: Tulle Circle Ghosts | BalsaCircle.com

Get ready for Halloween with this super easy DIY! You’ll need tulle circles, some cotton balls or tissue paper, thread, and scissors. We used 2 tulle circles per ghosts for a fuller look but feel free to vary that number. To make the ghost, simply place the cotton balls (we used 2-3), place in center of the tulle circle and gather at the base. Secure with matching thread, and your ghost is ready! Just remember to leave on thread tail long so you can use it to hang on your decorations.

9” Orange Tulle Circles
9” White Tulle Circles
Black Manzanita Tree
Black Faux Crystal Beads Chain Garland

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Halloween DIY: Tulle Circle Ghosts on a Manzanita Tree | BalsaCircle.com

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