New Year’s Eve Decor + Candle DIY

The holidays are in full swing and Christmas is right around the corner! We are just loving all the festive DIYs and holiday decor ideas – we even made a few of our own with mirror centerpieces.  To us, Christmas is all about family and sharing joy with our loved ones but we love making time for friends on New Year’s Eve. To celebrate in style, we made a video all about how to set up a sparkling and elegant New Year’s Eve bar and even a fun candle DIY that’s all about glitter. Join us for New Year’s Eve and Happy Holidays from Balsa Circle!

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Glitter Candle DIY Project Tool List:
* Glitter
* Black Bowl and Spoon for the glitter
* Candles
* Number Stickers
* Scissors
* Mod Podge
* Brush for Mod Podge
* Tweezers
* Glue Dots and/or Double Stick Tape
* Serving Tray to display candles

Celebrate 2016 with a fun and easy glitter candle DIY!

We hope this fun set up inspires your New Year’s Eve party!  How will you be decorating for New Year’s this year? Comment below or let us know what DIY you’d like to see us do next!

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