Top 5 DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

Creating a beautiful backdrop for your wedding or photo booth at an event is no small task but there is a way to do DIY backdrops on a budget! Here are some of our favorite DIY photo backdrop ideas –

1. Use fabric or a tablecloth.
If you know how big of a backdrop you need, simply use a tablecloth or fabric to create the perfect look! Sequined fabric for a bigger backdrop or raised roses overlays for a smaller photo booth are two of our favorites! Need more fabric? We have you covered. Just remember to get your sewing machine ready – you’ll need to sew a pocket for the rod – here’s a great how-to.

2. Extra fabric ribbon backdrop.
We’ve all seen those gorgeous ribbon backdrops on Pinterest – easy to make and easy to install! The best part is you can use any fabric left over from other projects (that match your event colors) so nothing goes to waste!

3. All you need are lights.
Running out of time? Just hang LED lights for a beautiful backdrop! You can add a top layer of chiffon fabric for an elegant look. This is especially great for night time or outdoor gatherings (we’re looking at you rustic barn yard events) and it will no doubt result in gorgeous photos.

4. Silk flowers backdrop.
Speaking of gorgeous photos. Remember this? You can make your own! Yes, even on a budget! There are a ton of DIY silk flowers backdrop tutorials and examples, and you can even use pre-made garlands or swags to achieve a similar look. This one will take some time, but the end result is simply stunning!

5. Faux crystal curtains.
Faux crystals are budget friendly decorations, but they look like the real thing! You can also use faux crystal curtains which already have rods for easy hanging or create your own with faux crystal beads. You can even combine these with a sequin tablecloth behind them or add hanging lights.

We hope these ideas are helpful! We also pinned our favorite ideas to the Backdrops and Garlands board on Pinterest. No time to make a backdrop? Try our professional backdrops, available in a variety of fabrics. Will you be making a DIY backdrop for your event? Let us know!

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